LRS Large Print School Books California     

for California-based users of Large Print

LRS offers four basic formats to choose from, depending upon the original material and the student.
Vertical (Calendar) Format

This innovative format, designed by LRS' founder some 35 years ago, remains our most popular. This calendar-style format allows the type size to be enlarged to 18 pt and above while retaining the page layout of the original, and maintaining a small closed-book size, typically 9" x 11".
Horizontal Format

This format is ideal for literature. The horizontal half-page format displays the original page side by side, with the top half on the left, the bottom on the right. This means the book is read like an ordinary book, and also allows an extra large type size of 20 - 22 pt with a typical closed book size of 8" x 8".
Full Page Format

For many lower grade books, especially picture books, it is possible to enlarge the type while keeping the original page intact and a maximum size around 8.5" x 11". Since these books are usually less than 32 pages they are usually spiral bound.

Flip Chart Format

In the case of keyboarding books, or books to be used by multi-disabled students, this flip chart format is ideal. Each enlarged half page is only printed on one side, and the stiff cover, along with the spiral binding, allows the book to stand up by itself and the pages to be flipped over one at a time to read.

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