LRS Large Print School Books California     

for California-based users of Large Print

LRS offers three different binding options:

Our most popular binding is our hardcover library-style binding. It is durable, hard-wearing and lays open flat. Glued rather than sewn, it can even be folded completely back on itself.
Spiral (Plastic Coil)

Ideal for workbooks, above left, or for lower grade books that can be enlarge in a full page format as above right, this durable plastic spiral binding is lightweight and allows books to lay flat and be folded back around. This is also suitable for books with less than 30 pages which are difficult to glue bind.

Perfect Binding (Flexible Laminated Cover)

Upon special request, LRS is able to provide a flexible glued soft cover perfect binding that lays open flat, though it cannot be completely folded back on itself. As durable as the hardcover, it is flexible and lightweight.
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